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Musée Rural et Artisanal / Musée de Calèches Grande-Duchesse Charlotte

The museum, which exists since 1999, shows an abundance of details of country life in past centuries in a large farmhouse from the year 1849. Clearly arranged departments with specific topics such as ploughs, sowing and harvesting are presented to the visitor. All agricultural machines have been restored and can be put into operation. The farmer’s garden consists of four rectangular ridges surrounded by boxwood. There are vegetable plants, spices and medicinal plants, among others. A special attraction is the imitation of a medieval forge and a village forge in very good working order. The house is furnished in order to demonstrate the art of living in the past. Numerous workshops give an insight into the painstaking work of the old village craftsmen.

The museum also has a beer garden with a good atmosphere and a playground. The Grand Duchess Charlotte Carriage Museum is located 200 metres from the Rural Museum. It displays about 40 different carriages, including 6 vehicles of the Grand Ducal Court. The museum also includes accessories such as harnesses, trunks, travelling utensils and a complete coachbuilder’s workshop.

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    31 October to 1 March
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    Lines 194 & 195
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    Parking behind the museum